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This site is dedicated to help folks gain an understanding of what Azure is and what all it has to offer.  The only difference between this site and Microsoft’s Azure website,  is that we don’t try and boil the ocean and have every use case and every aspect completely defined.  We’d rather highlight just those topics which can really help the small to mid size business community in understanding how solutions within Azure can provide value to their organization.

The structure is simple with just a few subject areas.

  • Business Continuity
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Identity and security

Business Continuity is all about how you can leverage Azure to protect your valuable IT assets from those inevitable events that can happen in an instant.   Whether its recovery of file that someone accidently deleted, or recovering entire volumes after a ransom-ware attack, or providing a failover recovery from a fire, flood or other large scale natural disaster.  Azure has solutions which can help and the tools are explained in simple to understand language, along with examples and cost estimates.

The Hybrid Cloud is where it is at.  Large scale data centers are complex and hard to manage.  Today’s modern data center doesn’t have to be a massive stockpile of servers and disks.  Hybrid Cloud can help to ensure that business needs for performance and scalability can met, but not have to incur massive capital investments.

Identity and Security should be a topic at the forefront of every business’ technology roadmap.  Ensuring the bad guys aren’t getting into your IT resources can not only protect your identity, but it also in turn protects your business.  One security breach can lead to any number of devastating consequences.  Topics around Identity and Security are explained in simple terms to help you understand the choices available to ensure you are properly addressing this important topic.

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